Bionix OtoClear Spray Wash Kit

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Bionix® Medical Technologies introduces the new OtoClear® Spray Wash Kit, a complete set-up for simple, safe cerumen removal. The Spray Wash Kit features the unique OtoClear ear irrigation tip, the only ear irrigation tip utilizing divergent streams to safely and effectively remove cerumen. The three streamed OtoClear tip attaches to a wand designed to clear an ear basin, and directs the irrigation solution to the ear canal wall preventing the uncomfortable and potentially harmful outcome of direct contact to the tympanic membrane.

The OtoClear Spray Wash Kit combines a 470ml bottle with a powerful actuator to deliver a high volume of water through the Bionix OtoClear Ear Irrigation tip. For a safe, effective and efficient ear lavage, the Spray Wash trigger is manually squeezed creating an intermittent pulsed lavage to loosen and remove cerumen.

The OtoClear Spray Wash Kit is an entry level offering giving medical professionals an efficient and economic way to provide the highest level of care.


  • 1 x Spray Wash Bottle
  • 5 x OtoClear Tips
  • 1 x Irrigation Basin


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