Atmos LC27 AC Powered Suction Pump - 27 L/min

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It’s technical sophistication makes the new ATMOS LC 27 a worthwhile investment for all service providers in the care sector. The ATMOS LC 27 allows healthcare professionals to meet their patients’ needs perfectly and also promises excellent economic efficiency.  For a limited time, recieve the LC27 Battery Operated system for the same price as the AC Powered systems. (Battery Life: Approx 60 Minutes).

Simple and intuitive controls

Reduced to the essentials, you can operate it without even looking at it: You couldn’t describe the new ATMOS LC 27’s control panel any more precisely. The large ON/OFF button makes operation palpably easier. The integrated LED lamp additionally indicates when the suction device is running.

Variable Suction adjustments

The easy-to-use suction regulator on the new ATMOS LC 27 allows you to set up the suction you require. You can access the full range of suction capacity using the 180° setting dial, with the easily legible vacuum gauge showing precise readings.

Connection Features

The Atmos LC 27 also features unique connecting systems which reduce the chance of damage compared to other suction devices. These are the Secretion Canister Connecting system, suction hose connecting system and bacterial filter cartridge.

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