Cerumen Management Set with Disposable Curettes

  • Product Code: ENT-CM3AH
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  • AU$105.00

The Cerumen Management Set has been designed for medical professionals who already have an otoscope, but need an effective tool for cerumen removal. The unique lightweight aluminium design pocket light includes a bright LED light, which offers a brighter and longer lasting bulb, rated for 5000+ hours of use.

All ENT Pocket Lights are powered by two AAA batteries.


  • 1 x ENT Pocket Light with Batteries

  • 2 x Straight Earlight Tip

  • 10 x Disposable Loop Curette (adult)

  • 10 x Disposable Scoop Curette (adult)

  • 10 x Disposable Spoon Curette (adult)

  • 1 x Disposable Curette Adaptor

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